Comprehensive and accurate fares and pricing solutions for airlines


  • FareSource is the first solution to provide 13 months of historical fare and rule data, and 100 percent dynamic processing of automated rules.
  • You have the flexibility to augment FareSource with a full complement of leading, highly scalable and fully integrated pricing solutions from Worldspan.
  • Your revenues are protected and debit memos are reduced through your ability to offer the most accurate fares and rules – the first time an availability request is made.
  • International fares are constructed on demand, in real time, and our global travel database is electronically updated 10 times each day.


  • FareSource provides your airline with a versatile application that is easily deployed across multiple distribution channels.
  • You have three methods for filing, including through ATPCO and SITA, and also Worldspan SecuRate™ Air Plus for private and negotiated fares.
  • FareSource prices itineraries originating and ending in separate countries, with currencies converted based on up-to-date Rate of Exchange (ROE).


  • Requires a connection to the Worldspan GDS and a Travelport agreement.