Support and enhance your service delivery

Travelers have 24/7 online access to personal itineraries, electronic ticket records and electronic expense receipts, including the ability to retrieve, review, print and e-mail data.


Integrated Online Check-In from participating airlines is available for all customers. 

Multiple language capabilities are available:

Customers of Worldspan users can choose among 10 language preferences

Customers of Galileo users have the choice of 23 languages


Complete PNR segment and destination information can be accessed via ViewTrip, including flight confirmation numbers, departure and arrival times, electronic ticket information, flight duration and mileage, on-time flight status, meal information, hotels, car rentals, destination maps, weather, driving directions and more.


Phone enquirers to travel agencies for details, and airlines for departure/arrival information, are eliminated, improving productivity for agencies and airlines.

Personlising the corporate travel experience

Travelport ViewTrip

Enhance your service levels with instant online itineraries

What are the benefits for your agency?

Generates an e-mail to the traveler at the booking agent’s request, once an itinerary has been booked.

Allows Galileo and Worldspan users to brand ViewTrip displays with their logos, announce special promotions and more.

Increases efficiency and productivity for Galileo and Worldspan users by empowering travelers to obtain and verify pertinent itinerary information online


Accessible through Internet Explorer version 6.0 and higher.

To customize Travelport ViewTrip itinerary displays with a logo, Worldspan users are required to create a profile at the ViewTrip Web site ( Galileo users must subscribe to ViewTrip White Label.