Is your search and shopping inspiring your customer?

Travelport provides an industry leading, multi-destination and multi-date shopping platform to inspire your customers, increase conversion rates and increased revenue through fare branding with upsell features and opportunities.  

When combined with PROS Availability Server (PAV), Travelport shopping offers 100% real-time availability, eliminating sell failures and enabling innovative search.

Travelport events


  • Travel agencies, corporate travel buyers and online shoppers are able to shop, price and book low fares with unprecedented speed and accuracy. 
  • Worldwide searches are completed in seconds – with one powerful request.
  • Empowers travel agencies of any size or business orientation to compete head-on in today’s evolving travel marketplace.
  • Eliminates the inefficiency of logging into different systems to find and book optimal choices for travelers. 
  • Provides flexible shopping options to find low fares based on alternate travel dates, destinations or airport locations.
  • Presents a combined display of ready-to-book itineraries, right on your desktop – including from 25-350 of the best available options.


  • Built on multi-server-based pricing technology, e-Pricing is capable of searching millions of fares and hundreds of thousands of itinerary options to find the lowest available fares.
  • Each e-Pricing solution is designed to orchestrate and expedite a unique type of search. Using sophisticated algorithms, Travelport e-Pricing’s fares-led design ensures a wide range of low fare options are returned.


  • Available to Worldspan and Galileo connected travel agencies via our user-experience platforms and API portfolio.