• No need for installation: TIMS is a web based application and does not require any installation. It is accessible through web browsers on any operating system.
  • No special set up required: Travel agent can access TIMS on their system, over a standard internet connection.
  • No need of in depth-training: NO intensive training is required to use TIMS; any user who is familiar with web browsing can use this system.
  • Highly secure information: Due to a unique ID and password for every agency, the data stays confidential with the user and no other entity can see or access the information.
  • No backup required: TIMS saves the travel agent from the hassle of saving backup and managing it. Being a web based product, all the backup is managed at a highly secure server.
  • 24/7 availability: Agent can access the system anytime, from anywhere, using the ID and password to complete policy transactions.
  • Ease in management: TIMS works equally effective with a larger branch network. It is easy to be managed remotely.

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