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Online travel agencies like yours need to evolve and adapt based on what your analytics and sales reports show you. But behind every bit of data there’s a real human story. Travelport understands the real needs and frustrations of online businesses and the travelers who use your site, so we focus on content and solutions that help you achieve the next chapter of your growth.

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    Simon’s perfect flight

    Discover how Simon quickly compares fare options online to find the best value flight.

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    John's unique escape

    Discover how John finds a unique hotel online that he didn’t see on other sites.

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    Oliver's unexpected journey

    Discover how Oliver finds different travel options on his visit to Washington, and avoids any lengthy airport procedures.

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    Sofia's coding challenge

    Discover how you can deliver more relevant search results to your customers, faster.

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    The Smiths explore Florida

    Discover how more engaging searches create more repeat customers.

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    José takes control

    Discover how to boost conversion by favoring results more likely to be booked.

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Supporting your business growth

Insight, expertise and technology - these are what your business needs to overcome the challenge of redefining your online journey in the face of tough competition. We have tools, support and expertise across essential areas that can help your business grow and succeed.

Drive conversion and customer stickiness through intelligent search that engages new customers and delivers compelling, relevant results at competitive prices.

Integrate unrivalled content and create additional upsell opportunities by providing access to the differentiated content needed to stand out in the rapidly evolving online landscape, including low-cost carriers, unique hotel properties, branded fares and ancillaries, car and rail services from travel providers worldwide.

Deliver efficiency gains to reduce cost per booking through automation of processes including payment reconciliation, ticketing operations and business intelligence reporting.

Specialist teams are on hand to help our online travel agency customers master our proven technologies but also bookability, search optimization and consultancy teams that help to provide a fresh perspective on how to improve business processes and maximize return on technology investments.

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See how Travelport supports business growth at every stage of customer engagement.

Discover how online travel agent Flygpoolen saw a 100% increase in bookings

Discover how Online Travel Agency Flygpoolen saw a 100% increase in bookings and significantly improved their look-to-book ratio after implementing Travelport Search Control Console. Search Control Console empowered Flygpoolen to take greater control over the airline content returned in their search responses, allowing them to offer more relevant content to their customers. This enabled Flygpoolen to take advantage of the metasearch channel by having customized and tailored content for specific metasearch providers. Flygpoolens’ more relevant content responses helped them increase conversion rates and boost their commercial deals, which in turn drove revenue and profitability.

Discover how Flygpoolen saw a 100% increase in booking

Powering search to drive business growth

Discover how utilized Travelport solutions to achieve innovative and superior booking capabilities as well as to drive overall business growth. The outcome of utilizing Travelport solutions such as Travelport Search Control Console, Travelport Queue Control Console and Travelport Agency Private Fares via Travelport Universal API resulted in a 35% increase in segment bookings, an improved user experience, a higher conversion rate and an increased business overall.

Online Travel Agents

Viva Travel see over 30% average upsell with Travelport branded fares and ancillaries

Discover how one of the largest OTAs in Greece, Viva Travel has increased its average upsell on branded fare carriers by 30%, increased its business class sales, achieved higher average revenue per ticket and improved site stickiness as well as conversion rates. As a result, Viva Travel is now providing an improved service for its travelers by utilizing Travelport branded fares and ancillaries via Travelport Universal API.  

Viva Travel case study

Skylord Travel is the first european OTA to offer branded fares

Via Travelport Universal API

Find out how one of UK’s largest OTA Skylord, offered its customers direct access to the branded fares from airlines on our platform. Enabling Skylord’s customers a better understanding of all the services that are included in different fare types and allows Skylord to build customer loyalty and increase revenues.

A colorful graphic plane collage in Travelport’s unique redefining style, featuring a corporate traveler.

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"Travelport Search Control Console helps us provide a choice of desirable travel content and the most relevant travel content for our customers."
Andrew Bell, Product and Distribution Manager, Webjet