Leisure and mixed travel agencies

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Leisure and mixed travel agencies

Show the value that you can bring to the travel booking experience. The truly personal touch, the expertize, the speedy response, the ability to adapt and flex to specific customer requirements.

With Travelport, as your long-term technology partner, increase the efficiency of the booking process and use business intelligence to grow your business, while giving customers more travel choices and delivering the perfect experience.

Staying ahead of the competition

Our hub, with free insights from industry experts and customers, will help you.

Travelport Smartpoint

The ultimate travel technology

Travelport Smartpoint puts the world’s travel content at your fingertips that enables you to create the perfect personalized service for your customers. Book the right seat for your customers more easily with Travelport Smartpoint 8.0.


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Travelport Marketplace

Immediate access to plug-in and stand-alone accredited solutions

Travelport Marketplace is our e-commerce exchange for you to access the latest travel software created by Travelport and our Travelport Developer Network members.

Get immediate access to revenue-generating, easy-to-use, time-saving products, as well as providing direct contact to the travel technology talent our open technology environment attracts.


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"Travelport definitely allows a world of travel choice, providing access to a massive amount of content."
Lynn Howarth, Chief Operative Officer, BID Travel, South Africa

Leisure and mixed travel agencies

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