Leisure and mixed travel agencies

YOUR value on every trip

Leisure and mixed travel agencies

Show the value that you can bring to the travel booking experience. The truly personal touch, the expertize, the speedy response, the ability to adapt and flex to specific customer requirements.

With Travelport, as your long-term technology partner, increase the efficiency of the booking process and use business intelligence to grow your business, while giving customers more travel choices and delivering the perfect experience.

A single booking system of choice

The perfect fusion of cryptic and graphical interface navigation for all agency preferences

You have a range of customers requiring multiple services. It’s essential that you are able to book from the widest choice of fares and services, from a global range of airlines, hotels, rail operators, car companies and other providers. You need to do to this from a single workflow, ancillaries included, at speed, at the right price and in a way that complements the expertise of your sales teams.

We’re redefining the selling experience
Within our flagship point of sale solution, Travelport Smartpoint, excellent and intuitive usability is just one part of the equation: it’s the single-workflow and aggregated principle of more, and richer, content that allows you to retail effectively and efficiently to more customers.

Managing your business performance
It goes without saying that you need to handle client relationship management, operational duties, from accounting to provider payments, as well as staff turnover and training; all this in the name of performance and profit.

Mid and back office systems are synchronized throughout all stages of the booking process.

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“Easy” is the one word Lydia uses to describe Travelport Smartpoint…

Travelport Smartpoint

The ultimate travel technology

Travelport Smartpoint puts the world’s travel content at your fingertips that enables you to create the perfect personalized service for your customers.

Travelport Smartpoint What’s New in 8.2

Travelport Marketplace

Immediate access to plug-in and stand-alone accredited solutions

Travelport Marketplace is our e-commerce exchange for you to access the latest travel software created by Travelport and our Travelport Developer Network members.

Get immediate access to revenue-generating, easy-to-use, time-saving products, as well as providing direct contact to the travel technology talent our open technology environment attracts.

Travelport Marketplace
"New agents love the product and experienced agents really enjoy Travelport Smartpoint’s flexibility."
Vicki Caine, Manager, Travel Technology

Leisure and mixed travel agencies

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