Galileo RoomMaster
Find the properties your customers want from one abundant source

Galileo RoomMaster

There are many places today for finding appealing, attractively priced hotels, but productivity and efficiency suffer when you shop and book from multiple sources.
You miss the convenience of an integrated booking file and combined traveler itinerary. There may also be times when customers find desired properties on their own and book elsewhere.
Through Galileo RoomMaster, you can eliminate these challenges and provide the most appropriate accommodation at the best rate – all from one place. RoomMaster is one of the most effective tools for shopping, comparing and booking accommodations worldwide.

Find the properties your customers want from one abundant source

Widely regarded as the travel agent’s tool of choice for availability, rates and rules, Galileo RoomMaster features tens of thousands of properties and detailed descriptions from hotel reservations systems across the globe.

This powerful look-and-book tool offers enhanced response data to give you an expansive range of descriptive data on properties, rooms, pricing and rules. Visible indicators show you options for room views, included meals, bedding configurations, smoking designations, whether credentials are required, rate categories, commissionable bookings, and details on refunds, deposits, guaranteed prepayment and cancel policies. And that’s just a start.

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Retrieve the lowest public rates

The Galileo RoomMaster Lowest Public Rate (LPR) program* allows participating hotel chains to give you their lowest public rates, including both restricted and unrestricted rates. These hotels are identified by a hash or pound symbol (#) in your hotel availability display.

Travelport Rooms and More

Access your negotiated rates

If you manage travel for corporate clients, especially those with negotiated rates, you can access these exclusive deals through Galileo RoomMaster. It’s a great way to reinforce travel policy and save your clients money. In addition, you can provide them with accurate travel management information about their travelling employees.

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Accommodate Travelers with Choice, Efficiency and Speed 
Satisfy the needs of every customer with access to over89,000 properties worldwide, representing a full range of accommodation types.

Boost your efficiency 
through streamlined shopping and booking processes, accurate booking data and instant booking confirmations directly from hotel reservations systems.

Earn up to 10 percent commission
on commissionable bookings (noted by the system indicator that showsif a commission is offered).

Ensure properties meet your customers’ expectations 
by viewing detailed descriptions, photos, videos and360-degree tours.

Save time with powerful search and sorting tools 
that quickly find requested chains, amenities, rate types, corporate and negotiated rates, proximity to airports and reference points, and even alternate choices when a requested property or chain is not available.

Eliminate availability and pricing discrepancies
between shopping and sell screens through advanced hotel connectivity Manage travel with utmost accuracy through automatic synchronization of every booking stored in a hotel’s system and your booking file/passenger name record (PNR).