Efficient e-Ticket Management

Are you still tracking electronic-ticket usage manually? Or maybe you aren’t tracking it at all and rely on customers requesting refunds / reissues, which could result in a loss of potential service fee revenue for your agency. IATA statistics show that 4% of e-tickets remain unused. Manually tracking the status of e-tickets can be inefficient and make it difficult to maintain e-ticket inventory. With Galileo e-Tracker’s simple and powerful e-ticket management solution, you can record, monitor and generate reports on the status of all e-tickets issued by your agency.

Galileo e-Tracker reduces the time you spend managing e-tickets with its flexible and extensive search capabilities, and increases your dependability on the information you receive as accurate and up-to-date. With it, you generate cost savings for your corporate customers by tracking their unused or reissued e-tickets.

Benefits and features at a glance

Generate savings for you and your customers as e-Tracker turns impending loss into savings and lowers operating costs through greater efficiencies

Access Galileo e-Tracker directly from the Galileo Desktop toolbar to maximize agent productivity

View status reports online or download reports into Microsoft® Excel for more advanced data manipulation and reporting

Gain the flexibility to employ your own hardware and choose from several connectivity options