• Calculated Risk to the value of the contract
  • Enhanced customer value
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved decision making
  • Minimum supervision required
  • Allow/Restrict Ticketing Functionalities 
  • Specification of charges for Void / Refund / Exchange
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General Benefits

  • Work with (IATA & Non-IATA) with limited (value) risk as per the set value.
  • Target multiple agencies -and offer direct deals/commission while securing credit   offered.
  • Assign your own ticketing modifiers – Commission / Net Fare --for all tickets to be issued by sub-agents.
  • Enhancement of capping (value) on temporary basis.
  • Flexible reporting period weekly / fortnightly or monthly basis.
  • Customized Reports as per requirement
  • Control of authorization of Void / Refund / Exchange
  • Facility to block/reactivate agency sales facility on a single click.
A platform for growth


  • Value based Debit and Credit contracts
  • Multi GDS console available  within e-Source
  • Sales and Settlement Calendar setup for credit contracts
  • Contract based specific charges & discounts option available
  • Single Admin panel for control of multiple ID’s – IATA codes / PCC’s
  • Facility to specify saleable airline(s) within contract
  • Contract value limit segregation for individual carriers
  • Facility to Review Refund before providing authorization.
  • Back Office functionality – Ledger, Sales & Refund reports, Summary Reports
  • Multi-Currency functionality
  • On demand customized reports
  • Multilingual
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Why use eSource

The power of eSource comes from its ability to integrate with FocalPoint® on real time. It offers separate interfaces for user and admin with different authority access levels. Limit based structure allows greater control to effectively manage inventory and reduce risks. Controlled ticketing, flexible commission management and rich reporting tool make your processes much simpler with increased productivity.

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