Travelport Sponsored Flights

Rise above your competition

Advertising via Sponsored Flights improves your chance to increase bookings as your inventory can appear twice – once at the top of the screen and also further down in the regular neutral availability display. You can easily promote a new route or expanded service, and put your flights at a significant advantage to gain a booking.

sponsored flights

Travelport Sign-on Messaging

Make an immediate impression

This highly visible, globally accessed news and information source welcomes travel agents as they sign in to our platform every day. These targeted ads provide substantial marketing advantages by positioning your messages front and center to over 235,000 desktops, helping you to capture the attention of the most influential group in travel.

Digital media

Travelport Headlines

Promote your offerings at the right place, at exactly the right time

When agents search through availability, whether for air, hotel or car rental, they’re ready to buy. Travelport Headlines displays your ads directly on their screens to give your brand and offering high visibility at the most relevant time in the sales process.


Travelport Featured Property

Get the best visibility for your hotel at the point of purchase

Featured Property gives your hotel the best chance of catching eyes and bookings with a position at, or near, the top of travel agent screens when they search for accommodation. It promotes your property when agents around the world search for hotels in your location, and is a cost-effective way to get exposure and increase revenue.

Featured Property

Travelport Electronic Direct Mail (eDM)

Spark a conversation with travel agents around the world

Our customizable electronic direct mailing goes beyond traditional advertising making it easy for your business to appeal to an audience that’s eager to know about your special sales, promotions, and other offers and announcements.

Electronic eDM

Travelport Online Itinerary Advertising

Access to more than 3.5 million global travelers every month

Promote your brand or announce special offers directly to a defined set of targeted, ticketed travelers through our online travel itinerary solution.

Online Itinerary Advertising

Drive higher sales by appealing to the right buyers at the right time

Understand how a growing number of airlines are experiencing significant increases in sales with Travelport Sponsored Flights.

Sponsored Flights

Digital media solutions

Start using our digital media solutions to achieve your business targets.