Boomerang is an add-on script to Smartpoint enabling travel organizations to manage invoices & e-tickets.


  • Enable users to issue ETR & passenger itinerary using existing ticketing data from the PNR with selected mark-up (% or fixed amount) as Service Fee.
  • Fare can displayed/hidden in the ETR for your passenger.
  • Design your own white label by adding your agency’s logo image (header/footer) with a promotional message for your customer on the ETR.
  • Segregate Air/Non-air segments.
  • ETR’s for group PNR’s can be issued as one or for individual passengers in the group.
  • Issue ETR in any required currency.
  • Filter “Coupon Status” of the ETR display in accordance to specified coupon status.
  • Show/hide RBD from passenger itinerary and e-ticket coupon.
  • E-mail passenger itinerary/ETR directly to passenger’s email address from agency’s own email address.
  • SMS selected passenger details directly to passenger’s cell number.

Customizing Passenger Service fees on itineraries

  • Print & e-mail itineraries and e-tickets to customers with a single click.
  • Reminder feature provides value in the eye of customers.

Boomerang PSF

  • Sustained Profitability:

Allow travel organization to remain profitable and successfully manage their business in a reduced commission environment.

  • Increased Agent Productivity:

Driven by the significant time saved when making a booking requiring service fee/commission calculation.

  • Business Efficiency:

Accurate point of scale data at the click of a button.

  • Improve Customer Service:

Agent can quickly provide correct total itinerary cost including  fees.

  • Flexibility:

Agent can easily customize agency logo and contact details.

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