Travelport ViewTrip Mobile

The power and reach of Travelport ViewTrip in a mobile application
Travellers use mobile devices for just about everything these days, including travel planning and management. Keeping up with them means a journey of your own into the world of mobile technology. Travelport can take you there.
Travelport ViewTrip Mobile is a mobile itinerary management tool that works with the Travelport ViewTrip website. To satisfy travellers on the go, ViewTrip pushes itineraries to your customers’ mobile devices, offering flexible itinerary management, service and support
across the stages of their journeys.
Best of all, ViewTrip Mobile has been designed to integrate with your existing workflows, and there’s absolutely no cost to you or your customers.
It’s so easy for you and your customers
ViewTrip Mobile is quickly implemented, easily communicated to customers and delivers big value. ViewTrip e-mails that are sent to your customers contain links inviting them to self-register for ViewTrip Mobile. Invitation points appear in online itineraries, too. Once
registered, travellers download the app to their smartphones, and itineraries are automatically pushed to their mobile devices.
The convenience, comfort and confidence travellers seek
With ViewTrip Mobile, your customers no longer need to manage printed travel documents, boot up a laptop or open e-mail to access itineraries. At the same time, they need to trust the information and itineraries they receive via mobile technology. Data streaming through ViewTrip Mobile is generated by Travelport’s global travel database, so your customers receive the same accurate and up-to-date itinerary information distributed through any other source.
Loaded with features for travellers
• One-time traveller self-registration in a few easy steps
• Fast, easy application downloads for iPhone® and AndroidTM phone users
• Travellers can quickly add events to existing itineraries
• Trip List: Displays all upcoming trips
• Flight Status and Airport Guides: Provides pertinent information
• Pro-Active Flight Alerts: Pop-up messages alert travellers to updates
• Location Aware Services: Pushes location-specific information to travellers
• Push Ad Messages: Timely, relevant messages, and helpful trip reminders
• Currency Conversion: Provides conversions at current rates
• Travel Guide: Sightseeing, shops, hotels, restaurants, maps and more
• Events Guide: Festivals, arts, food, music, nightlife and more
• 5-day Weather Forecasts help travellers pack and plan

ViewTrip Mobile

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ViewTrip Mobile

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