Travelport Mobile Agent for iOS and Android


Travelport Mobile Agent is a unique native mobile solution that provides direct Travelport Galileo GDS access.


Travelport Mobile agent has changed the way Travel Agencies service their clients, allowing travel agents to be more productive and effective, even when outside the office, enabling them to have access to the GDS.


By providing direct access to the Galileo GDS, Travelport Mobile Agent allows travel agents to service their customers, no matter where they are, without limitations, enabling them to make search & book any of the GDS core contents, issue tickets, re-issue, or do any other GDS operation. Travelport Mobile Agent is has seen thousands of installations from more than 100 countries and continues to grow the user base every single day.


Travelport Mobile Agent is available on the two major mobile operating systems in the world, Apple iOS devices and Android.

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