Worldspan Airline Source™

Worldspan Airline Source is the highest level of system connectivity for your airline in the Worldspan GDS, offering seamless availability in a real-time environment.




  • Ensures accurate, up-to-the-minute availability
  • Increases subscriber confidence in your inventory and classes of service displayed
  • Minimises failed sales due to out-of-sync information 
  • Maximises your revenue opportunities with the ability to fine-tune seat inventory  




  • Airline Source operates through a dedicated interactive link between airline internal reservations system and the Worldspan GDS.
  • Airline yield management systems are used to show flight availability displays, based on subscriber location, class of service and number of seats.
  • Through point of sale, availability can be returned selectively by market, flight or date range, domestic or international flights, or other selected criteria. 




  • Worldspan Direct Sell participation is required.

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