Catalyst is a featured pack state of the art accounting system having capability to interface with GDS (Global Distribution System), the architecture of catalyst allows seamless information flow among multicompanies and their branches with faster data processing, huge database capacity and increased performance certainly makes catalyst stand out as a new generation accounting system.



BSP Reconciliation

Multi-Companies with Multi Branching

Auto New updates

Seamless data transfer utility from gBoss

Multi-Currency Conversion & Reporting

Dynamic account creation

Reports Email Facility

Enhance data search capabilities

Based on Supplier & Vendor concept

Tour Packages

Multi-Application support system

And many more....


What Catalyst offers?

Airline, Hotel, Car, Cruise and Tour Selling

Data Security

User Security

Backup & Restore

Financial Periods

Multi-Application Support System

Single Report Operation

Airline Sales Report (ASRs) and Daily Sales Report (DSRs)

Multi-Currency Conversion

Multi Company - Multi Branching System

Auto Calculation of taxes

Auto BSP Reconciliation:

Auto Updates

 Hotel & Transport Control

Prompt Onsite support

Data Comparison

Email Option



Increase Efficiency

Integration with GDS

Graphical User Interface

Enhanced searching capabilities

Multi Company and Branching

Multi Currency conversion

Platform Independent

Power full reporting tool

And many more....



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