e-Source is a unique and comprehensive enterprise system integrated with Focalpoint® , offers customized solution for airlines, consolidators and travel agency’s. Whether you are an airline, consolidator or a travel agency, e-Source allows you to centrally manage all your operations with high-tech control & reporting.




- Centrally manage sub-agents 

- Manage multiple commission structures

- Controlled ticketing for sub-agents

- Set customized limits for sub-agents

- Assign carrier based limits to sub-agents

- Advance reporting and greater control.


- Centrally manage all users within agency

- Centralized ticketing for all users.

- Set individual user based limits.

- Assign carrier based limits to users.

- Automated alerts.

- Customized Reporting.





-  Value based contract management

-  Dash Board for User's Activities

- User Account Management

- Contract Specific User Creation

- User and/ or Airline specific sales limit

- Calendar Management to control/revive Sales Limit Cycle

-  Debit as well as Credit contracts for sub agents

- Option to issue temporary value enhancements.

-  Allows reviewing fares for sub-agency /user PNR’s before issuing ticket

- Service charges in preferred currency against percentage on base fares

- Commission Structure for Airlines still offering commissions

-  Ticket issue / Void / Revalidation / Refund functionality

-  Customized Reports




-  Accurate checks and balances on inventory.

-  Minimum supervision required.

-  Powerful reporting option.

-  Improved decision making.

-  Enhanced customer value.

-  Increased productivity.

-  Customization at all levels to meet your needs

    and many more.



Why Use eSource


The power of eSource comes from its ability to integrate with FocalPoint® on real time. It offers separate interfaces for user and admin with different authority access levels. Limit based structure allows greater control to effectively manage inventory and reduce risks. Controlled ticketing, flexible commission management and rich reporting tool make your processes much simpler with increased productivity.

eSource Resource


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