Travel Analyzer

Travel Analyzer is a web based application which enables travel business managers have the ability to extensively analyze travel patterns and travel policy compliance, as well as assist in vendor negotiations, business operations and budgeting. The power of Travel Analyzer allows the ability to gain strategic, operational, and tactical views of a Business through their stern  Reports.




 Provides the ability to streamline robotic activity.


 Eliminates excessive transactions.


 Provides reliable data to monitor reservation compliance with travel policy

   immediately after booking, not after the trip.


Offers a revenue-generating product for agencies as it increases their service 
    product line. This increase allows agencies to move to a travel management role
    with their existing corporate customers and thus   strengthen the agency’s overall
Allows agencies and corporations to monitor sales of preferred vendors as  well as
   create sales forecasts and market share reports.
Provides corporations that use Travel Analyzer with greater access to travel data to
    assist in vendor negotiations, travel policy compliance, and travel budgeting.

Travel Analyzer


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Travel Analyzer

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