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Travelport Opinions™, the travel review website for professionals, gives its members the ability to tap into the power of a professional travel community, communicate with fellow travel agents and tour operators from around the world, and share trusted travel reviews and expertise.

With a wealth of relevant travel information and knowledge available, extra time can be spent on building customer relationships and boosting sales.


About Travelport Opinions™

Unbiased and trustworthy accommodation reviews by travel professionals and


Database of over 37,000 accommodations, 110,000 photos and 2,500 videos

Accommodation ratings, maps and local weather information

International community of travel industry professionals


Features: what can you do?

Search destinations, people and companies

Read professional and traveller reviews

Invite contacts

Write reviews

Find destination experts (Expert Locator)

Ask a question on the forum

Monitor chosen accommodations

Travelport Opinions

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Travelport Opinion

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