Galileo Fee Manager

Galileo Fee Manager is an add tool to the Galileo Desktop enabling travel organizations to manage revenue due from service fees and commissions.

Using rules engine technology a user is able with a single click evaluate segment and booking data and apply fees based on a set of pre-defined rules.   Once calculated the rules are applied to the booking file, displayed to the user via the desktop interface and transferred via the data hand-off directly to the back office system.

The tool also provides the flexibility to manually add any bespoke service fees or commissions as and when applicable.


Galileo Fee Manager is available with Galileo Desktop (Viewpoint) on the Galileo®Host System only.





Sustained Profitability:

   Allows travel organizations to remain profitable and successfully manage their

   business in a reduced commission environment.


 • Increased Agent Productivity:

    Driven by the significant time saved when making a booking requiring service

    fee/commission calculation.


 • Business Efficiency:

    Accurate point of sale data at the click of a button.


 • Improved Customer Service:

    Agent can quickly provide correct total itinerary cost including fees.

Galileo Fee Manager

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Galileo Fee Manager

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