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Travel agencies are under immense pressure to improve profit margins and reduce costs. Travellers are more demanding and travel suppliers are distributing their products through an increasing number of booking channels.

As a result, agencies are tapping Web sites and other sources, and working on multiple platforms to find more options for travellers. This makes it difficult to finalise trips, secure optional services and travel documents, and control internal processes and service quality.


It's time for a groundbreaking solution!


Travelport Universal Desktop is an innovative booking solution that unifies selling and merchandising into a single platform and provides access to a world of multisource content. Built to help corporate and leisure travel agencies become more productive and profitable, this groundbreaking development empowers agencies of every size and complexity. 


What makes Universal Desktop Unique?


  • Multisource content through a single application - Within a single system, you can shop content from multiple places


  • Multiple itinerary selections can be priced at once - You can create itineraries that price multiple trip components at once to reduce repetitive tasks, save time and improve productivity


  • Universal Profile - Centrally manage profile and policy information to eliminate ineffective synchronization & dependence on multiple systems


  • Universal Record - A Super PNR combines all itinerary components, regardless of where or how a booking occurred


Revenue opportunities are endless through advertising and merchandising


  • Optional extras are integrated into the selling process - The ability to sell extras increases your revenue and customer service levels


  • Targeted advertising - Relevant destination options from travel providers help you extend attractive offerings to travelers and thus increase profits


A rich, consistent and configurable user experience that drives efficiencies


  • Highly configurable - Operate using your own workflow choices, using your own software and exerting full control over agent selling processes


  • Choose how you want to work - The Desktop offers an intuitive, graphical interface but format-based access is still available so you can still run scripts & macros


  • Manage policies, rules, and preferences - Policies, rules, and preferencing can be incorporated into configurable workflows so that processes are pre-defined and controlled


Innovative productivity tools eliminate time-consuming and costly processes


  • Desktop Dashboard - Access frequently used tools and instantly harness the power of every application, tool & plug-in used in your daily operation


  • Quality Controls - The Desktop integrates quality control into every booking and introduces interactive features, giving you fast access to key information throughout the booking cycle


A Truly Global Solution Tailored For A Local Focus


Our software development kit enables you or a third-party developer to extend, integrate your own sourced content or applications and enhance the value of your desktop with ease. Our approach is global – with a strong emphasis on local market needs.


Universal Desktop Resources


To learn more, download our brochure.

Universal Desktop

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