SSL Connectivity

The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Connectivity option enables Galileo connected subscribers to access the Galileo host and complete secure internet transaction through an encrypted link between the Galileo web server and your desktop.


  Use the same Client ID and GITD without the need to alter configurations.


   No server based software, special agency network or special agency firewall rules



   No design limit to the number of SSL connections through a standard router.




   Ensure data remains private and unique to you and Galileo


   Access and Galileo application from any device and any location through advance



   Protect customer transaction while enhancing efficiency and cost effectiveness


   Easy migration, quick installation, instant internet access, no additional onsite

    hardware required.

Travelport Facts


Travelport aggregates content from approximately 350 airlines, over 89,000 hotels, over 25 car rental companies and 13 major rail networks in 30 languages

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